Vocal Performance Workshop

Having studied voice for 18 years under industry veterans Louis Valenzi (Broadway and television actor) and Robin Brown (accomplished vocalist, vocal coach to Destiny’s Child, Solange, Usher, etc.), Rissi Palmer has partnered what she has learned from her esteemed instructors and her years of touring and recording to create a voice curriculum for students who are interested in performing as well as singing. She is passionate about helping her students find and develop their own unique sound by tailoring her lessons to the student’s age and experience level. In addition to using traditional vocal warm ups, exercises, and breathing techniques in her curriculum, students are encouraged to choose the music they are interested in. While she doesn’t believe in traditional voice lessons for any child under the age of 13, Ms. Palmer believes that it’s never to early for a student to develop ear training and learn to sing tunefully.

Songwriting Workshop

Since writing her first song at 6 and receiving her first publishing deal at the age of 19, Rissi has taken her years of songwriting in Nashville and New York City and created a curriculum for students who are interested in lyric and music composition. She is passionate about helping her students find and develop their own unique voice and style by teaching the differences and similarities of various genres (i.e. Country, R&B, Pop, Rock, Indie, etc), encouraging students keep a journal, and using various exercises to dissect and learn the techniques of great songwriters of yesterday and today.

Rissi offers workshops in both songwriting or vocal performance and is available to travel to elementary schools, high schools, music schools and programs throughout the USA and abroad. 

Workshop includes: 

  • Acoustic Duo (Rissi on vocal & guitar and another guitarist) or full band short performance 
  • Q&A
  • one on one work sessions in a classroom setting (at least 8 minutes of one on one)
  • tackling trouble spots vocally
  • how to emotionally connect to a song 
  • stage presence and microphone technique  
  • song critique (for songwriting)    





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